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Our Mission:
To Honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we say, and do.
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Horse Rider

What does Blacklincolngroup stand for?


Stands for The Black Robe Regiment: A group of pastors who preached, that going to war was God's will during the America Revolution War.


Stands for Republican / Conservative edge


Stands for Promotions of Faith in Christ, Truth, And events that inspire liberty for our nation

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Matthew Cummings

About me

Matthew has thirty years of traveling ministry as an evangelist, ministering both domestically and internationally in the U.S. and abroad (including Europe, Austria, and Israel). He also has ten years of pastoral care experience in the state of Washington. He walks in a powerful prophetic gift and in 1994, a Holy Spirit encounter changed the direction of his ministry and life. His message is focused on the habitation and establishment of God's Kingdom. He believes that the Lord is interested in people who are ready to live in intimacy and effectiveness with Him.

In the summer of 2008, when the social and political climate in America was troubling, the Lord called Matthew to get involved. He encourages his audience to combine their faith and activism with their love of God to impact the world we live in.

Matthew has also been involved in communities and politics for over 30 years. His life story spans every political spectrum, from childhood to the present day, and he brings an extremely unusual perspective to the challenges of our time. As a result of his background, Matthew has seen the need to start grassroots groups and national forums, believing that we must become the answer to the needs of our community and nation.

Matthew has worked with and presented at national forums alongside Rev. C.L. Bryant of One Nation Back to God and the creator of the film Runaway Slave; Tim Barton, son of David Barton, President of Wallbuilders; Pastor Stephen E. Broden, Founder of Ebony Berean; and Stephanie Reis of Act for America, among many others who are dedicated to conveying God's call to individuals, communities, and our nation.

Matthew currently resides in Portales, New Mexico.


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